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Virtually every facet of a child’s life into adulthood – and most elements of society – will be positively affected by universal adoption of EQ-raising Social-Emotional Learning.

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Every tax-deductible dollar you donate will speed this process along as it will purchase sorely-needed mass awareness of the enormous benefits of extending emotional intelligence (EQ) training into all schools beyond the 10% that flourish now. Parents, employers and the public can't request or demand what they don't know exists.

Please consider the great upside, both for the young and our society, and be as generous as possible. Donations of any size can be made online here or, if you prefer to send a large check, make it to Earthways/BEQC at 20178 Rockport Way, Malibu, CA. 90265

Donations support the EQuip Our Kids! media and outreach campaign in many ways - most immediately in our social media and advertising to inspire the public. We also work on a grassroots level with parent and public mobilization to make EQ happen in all schools. Our overhead is low, and staff is largely volunteer.

Here are some examples of how donations can be dispersed across many helpful fronts that advance the cause.

  • $5 can buy 4 bumper stickers
  • $10 can buy 5,000 social media ad impressions
  • $100 can buy outreach to 100 businesses to add "To give all children a chance to be their best selves, we support Social and Emotional Learning in all schools!" to their marketing materials
  • $500 can buy a print ad reaching 200,000 parents
  • $1,000 can buy 5 localized TV or radio spots reaching 100,000 people
  • $2,500 can pay the monthly fee for an outreach coordinator working with PTAs and others
  • $5,000 can buy a localized Social and Emotional Learning fair to introduce parents, the media and the general public to SEL
  • $10,000 can help pay for a highly-cost effective fundraiser.

EQuip Our Kids! is the preK-12 school campaign undertaken by The Big EQ Campaign, which is a nonprofit organization operating under the fiscal and financial reporting umbrella of the EarthWays Foundation, a 501C3 non-profit organization which has been supporting good causes since 1985. Earthways tax-exempt number is 95-4021351

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